It's almost October and I'm still sweating.

I hate being hot. It's unpleasant, leads to headaches, and makes my hands swell up so that I look like I have snausages for fingers. I'd much, MUCH rather be cold. You can bundle up, and wear comfortable clothes, AND it makes your hands super skinny so that your rings start to slide around. Piano hands. I can't even tell you how excited I am for fall to be here. I heffing LOVE it. I usually get all depressed and pale but this year I'm going to change that.
I'll go tanning.

Ha, ha, ha.

No really though. I'm done being depressed and down on myself. I am who I am, and my life is MY life, and I alone am the only one that can mold it. So suck it, Trebek.
Alright so moving on. I always feel selfish when I blog, because I'm always talking about myself, but then I thought, shit, it's MY blog, who the hell else would I blog about? Oprah? Pffff, bitch can get her own blog!

So this last sunday we (family) got together for Ninadine and Jedaline's birthdays. I recently bought a new camera so I've been using the crap out of it and taking millions of pictures.


So here's Annie outside with her new Duck. I don't want to give her back when Jules and Dusty get home.

Doug, Maisy, and Gunder on the trampoline.

Cam wondering why he left the womb.

Camden, Mum and Dad.

Craig on acid.

Craig and Me.

Mum, Cam and Karin.

Mark and Me. Special spirits.

Mum and Dad

Nina and Nancy.

Anna giving me attitude.

Gunder and me pouting.

Aaaaaaand Gunder being the ever concerned child that he is.

I had to add this one.

So here's Nina and Jed (and Maisy and Mark) blowing out their candles. Yaaaaayyy.


Here's Dustin, Alex and Jules, still in Taiwan. They're coming home thursday night!



So that about sums up sunday. And my life as of right now. Along with the fact that I'm all of the sudden 13 again and am getting zits like some kid that slept with a bag of greasy breadsticks over his head. Muh.

Time to find something to eat.


(you know you're jealous)




Another nephew!

Jules and Dustin just flew out to Taiwan this last thursday and picked him up today instead of monday thanks to Hurricane Mary.
His name is Alex Kuan Yu Loveridge. I'm so excited for them to get home, I can't even wait.
We're babysitting their slightly neurotic dog Annie- who ADORES me- aaaaaaaaaaand everything was wonderful until she brought a bat into the house.
I'll blog that one later. I'm still getting over it. I've spent the last two days praying that I won't be a widow since scott was the one that took it outside. (I made him put on gloves so we're A.O.K., and Annie had her rabies shot last year so we're in the clear. Plus it might've just flown in with her when Scott let her inside. I almost stepped on the damn thing.)
But anyway. YAY! I'm so freaking happy for them.
I went to bikram yoga today and it kicked my ass. Like Steven Segal kicked my ass. I got off work at 6 and came home to change and get all of my crap and then hauled back to ogden only to find out that class is at 830 instead of 8. Nice. So I sat in my car and did naughty crosswords.


Sadly, I can do them better than the crosswords that are in the newspaper.
Sorry mum.

I was feeling sorry for myself tonight because Scott is at BB's birthday party and it's mostly guys going so I got all bratty and told him to just go and I'd stay home. So I called Nina and she was going to a movie with her cronies so then I sent Craig and Mariah a text to see what they were doing and they were in Salt Lake. So I said screw it and went into full pout mode and drove around a little bit, intending to go to Barnes and Noble but diverted to Savers instead (Thank GOODNESS) and I found lots of wonderful things and you don't even have to worry about it because I bought them all. It was like Heavenly Father felt sorry for me and led me to my amazing finds. So I bought them, and then went to Smiths and bought $40 bucks worth of chips and dip for tomorrow's dinner aaaaaaand came home and here I am.
And I also bought an amazing Zelda shirt (hot topic) with the shield and master sword on the front. I know you're jealous.
Okay I'm gonna go now. My attention span has tapped out.
Muchos Loves,
I just noticed on the back of my Jolly Rancher bag that they're manufactured in CANADA.
IDK if I can eat them anymore.


Man Vs. Machine

So I'm really pissed off and in a bad situation. My sewing machine (Greg) and I are in a fight. The bastard won't sew. I assume that it's a man just because that's the feel I get when I use him (heh), and I don't want to be sexist and assume that it's a woman. If it were, her name would be Betsy. But anyway- I'm totally stuck because my niece's dieciseisanera is in a few days and I was going to SEW her some stuff for her present but SOMEBODY doesn't want to help out. So I punched him in what I assume would be his stomach and put him away.

Anyway. I'm gonna go before my oatmeal gets too cold.

Cold mush.

El Scorcho.


You crafty bitch!

So yeah it's been like 2 months since I've posted but what of it?

I just wanted to say what of it.

Yesterday Scott and I went to the grocery store (Yes, yesterday WAS in fact Sunday but those little hellians in nursery seriously almost pushed me over the edge. It was honestly total chaos. Like monkies on meth. Like puppies that just ate a crack sandwich and were running around wiggling, shitting everywhere. TOTALLY uncontrollable. And then we gave them balloons. Genius.

ANYWAY. So we went to the store and I bought (among other things) some cottage cheese and strawberry yogurt. There's this girl that I work with (that I also went to highschool with [and was HORRIFIED of her, but now we're friends]) and she's a totally in shape, sexy, smart girl that always eats way healthy stuff unless I talk her in to some battered fries or something. So sometimes at work she eats.......DING DING DING- Cottage cheese and strawberry yogurt! So while at the store I was like "Huh....I'm gonna try this", figuring that if she eats it, and she's all sexy and healthy, then I'LL eat it and become sexy and healthy!

So I started eating it this morning and ho-my-gad-jul, it was awful.

AWFUL. I'm not a morning person to start out with, let alone a breakfast-after-being-awake-45-minutes kind of person. I was about 10 little nibbles in to it when a fruit fly landed in the bowl, and in my head I was like "Aw, damn." But my heart was palpitating with joy.

Sorry Laura. Cottage cheese belongs with nacho cheese/ranch doritos.

Which I will have later today.

I looked at my blog before doing this post and decided that I'm seriously sick of the layout and songs on it. Time for something new.

I can't even tell you how effing excited I am for October. I've been off of Prozac for about a month and have had a massive creative rebirth and bought:

(I actually bought these for Scott for his birthday,
but intend on using them once I can figure out how to draw.)

Paint/Fabric markers

And that's about it. I thought there was more to it but I thought wrong. I don't want to even think about how much it all costs added up. The pastels alone were like $130-40ish.

So when I bought the paint markers (which smell incredible, btw) I also bought two porcelain skulls (I have a tiny obsession with skeletons) and finally got around to decorating them w/the paint markers. They look magnificent. Ever since we went to Cancun on our honeymoon, and visited various places around the area, I developed a rather large obsession with Dia De Los Muertos-anything. Fabric, colours, traditions, decorations, anything and everything having to do with it. I love it.

So here's our little family. Scott's is on the left and mine is on the right. The two in the middle we brought home from Xcaret. Eshhhhcaret. Wonderful place.



(these will most likely stay out year-round)

So since HALLOWEEN is upon us, I need to find a pattern so I can make my costume with my sewing machine. I decided (about 6 months ago) that I was going to be Link. Not Zelda, she sucks and always has to get other people to get her out of shit. I've grown up with video games and decided that, since I can look like a little boy with little to no effort, it was time to pay tribute to Link. Sword and shield already purchased. Thank you, Savers.

So I need to get on it. Be proactive, just like my face wash.

Okay well that's enough for one day. I need to go shower, I smell like a tanning bed.


El Scorcho.