For Nicole-

Alright so I've been dragging my feet long enough. My sisterinlaw Nicole has been politely giving me crap since January about starting a blog, to which I'd reply every time "I'm working on it" or something along those lines to appease her. Aaaaand here I am 6 months later. Still working on it. I had good intentions and opened an account in January when she first suggested it and, like most other things, I sort of just ignored it until it was staring me in the face every day, putting me on a guilt trip. Instead of the little blogger icon, it should have just been a picture of Nicole's face.
So here I am.
I'm Sydney Woolf, and this is my blog.
Okay so that was lame.
I work the graveyard shift at McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden Utah, and anyone that works graves would agree that the hours tend to constantly keep your body on the verge of self destruct and openly hate you for working those hours. So all in all I have a pretty messed up schedule, but I absolutely love my job. I love the people I work with (this is the first job where I can honestly say that) with the exception of a few, and I usually enjoy the work I do. Sometimes I come home from work feeling like I've been mauled by a bear or manhandled by Paul Bunyan. I work mostly for the ER docs there and order Xrays/CT's for the patients on the computer and then get ahold of certain doctors for them. My skin has become exceptionally thick since working there and I can honestly say that I like people in general a lot less than I did before. I answer the phones too and every now and then I get a call that is blog-worthy, and I have a few stories that I'll throw on here too. Since I've taken the time to set this up I might as well use it, right?
I've always had a journal, but if you look thru them there's only about 1/4th of the journal that's filled up. And I've got like 500 journals. Not kidding. More like 40-45. But yeah, I've yet to figure out the reason for me always wanting change but when I do find out I'll let you know. So I'm sure the layout of my blog will be changing weekly.
Scott gets home in about an hour so I'm gonna get up (yes I've been sleeping most of the day) and get ready so we can go out and get a present for my sister Nancy. Her birthday was on the 11th and of course I was asleep all day so I feel the need to get her something meaningful instead of a new journal or stationary that she and I both love.
Nerdy? Yes. But oh well.