Woaoooohhhh 1-11-11! People act like it's so exciting, and it is! Just like 10-10-10! And 9-9-09! Just IMAGINE 11-11-11!!!! Incredible right?
I have like 11 (haaa, punny)minutes until the tofurkey is done so that means I have like 6 minutes to write this because I'm going to make some deliciously boxed mashed potatoes and laboriously rip the lid off of a can of beans, dump them in a bowl, and shove them in the microwave. So. much. work.
I slept in today. Slept in like I woke up at 7:56 and I have to be to work at 8. The surge of adrenaline that hit my body was way too painful and I'd rather not experience it again. Plus it threw the WHOLE day off. It was just weird. That and there were loud piano players all day. I'll take a picture tomorrow so you can get a feel for the setting, because it's something that I'm sure I'll frequently bitch about, because I frequently EXCESSIVELY bitch about it at work.
I'm going to sign up for a gym tonight (second step to becoming an adult: buy a gym membership at the beginning of the year [first step: order a box of personalized checks].) and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I hate exercising. But I hate being winded after walking up 3 flights of stairs so I should probably shut up. I'm signing up with my sisters Nancy and Julie and I can totally picture us all using ellipticals side by side and looking either completely awesome or completely hilarious. But whatever. I might look funny doing that, but you probably look funny sitting there reading this.
Watch, I'll probably eat way too much tofurkey and mashed potatoes and ralph all over the machines. I'd totally keep going though.
Okay. I have like 2 minutes. I ordered new debit and credit cards today and I personalized them so hopefully they'll accept the pictures, because they're both from the internet (and both EPIC as hell) and therefore not of my own making. But whatever. I can't make epic unicorn pictures and I'm not about to go out into wild Yellowstone and photodocument a bunch of wolves. That's insane.
Pleeeease bless they'll accept them.
Okay crap the timer just went off.

Hugs and loves and cherub nubs.



I don't feel any different.

So 2011, huh. Nuts. It feels like a ton of stuff happened last year, aaaand I guess some stuff did happen? We cut our umbilical cords and live in an apartment (disregard the fact that it's next door to my parents), Scott applied for graduation *!!!!!!!*, I got a new job....ummm. I'm sure there is plenty of other stuff that happened, but right now I'm mostly just wanting to throw two bits out there before I go to bed (and normally I'd say "to get up and do what I'll do every single day of the year for the rest of my life" but it's the "new year" and we're supposed to be positive) so I can get up and ROCK my job and not be mean when I hang up the phone having just spoken to a loud breather aaaand yeah. Okay I gotta go. Eyes are blurring. Stomach hurting. Head nodding.
Good night,
and welcome to the rest of your life.