Nazi Zombies

Oh my GOSH so right now I'm slumped over like an old lady in the chair while Scott plays COD's-Nazi Zombies and I've been so enthralled with whatever I was looking at on the computer that when I decided to remind myself of my surroundings it was like TOTAL.CHAOS. Seriously. Surround sound zombies. With explosions going off and Scott twitching every time he tries to shoot a zombie and the zombies screaming incoherently. I'm actually pretty impressed with my ability to tune things out. This game is actually pretty disgusting. And scary as hell when you try to go to sleep and all you see are zombies coming at you.
Which is why I bought Beauty and the Beast on VHS from the D.I. a few weeks ago. I freaking love it. I mean yeah, she's only there for like 3 days and is already in love with him, but whatevs. I pretend that she's there for like MONTHS and then they FINALLY fall in love. But I'm usually out for the count by the end of the opening song and where she's defending her dad after Lefou makes fun of him. Ma-ha-ha-ha. And OH MY GOSH Gaston is such a douche. Holy moly. And no wonder the townspeople think she's weird. THEY'RE FRENCH. They're bound to be bastards sometimes.
So yeah I'm definitely going to be watching that tonight.
Nothing much is new. I got a damn B- on my last paper and was TOTALLY expecting it but was still pretty crushed when she handed it back to me. She even APOLOGIZED. I wanted to be like Well hell if you're sorry just give me an A! It was supposed to be an analysis of a complex problem essay directed towards the govenor and I was apparently a little too sassy and didn't elaborate enough on solutions. Because frankly I don't give a damn about certain things and that tends to screw me over in MULTIPLE situations. Always with school. Bad news man.
Wow wow wow I'm so easily distracted. I've been staring wide-eyed at the TV screen, screaming whenever a zombie gets too close to Scott. Which makes him tense up even more. Oh my gosh.
Yeah anyway. I've completely lost any prior train of thought so I'm gonna read now. Something raunchy and smutty I think.
You can never go wrong with Christine Feehan.

Even though a lot of the men are like Gaston.

El Scorcho.