I'm gonna show this world a thing or two...

Norm's having another bad dream.
Life as of late has been pritt-y shitt-y. I can't even think of somewhere to start.

I'm totally infuriated. And thinking about everything makes me just laugh.
Well mostly just thinking about my job makes me laugh.
Scheduled 5 of out 5 holidays?


I could indulge but I just don't feel like it.

Yeah, I've had a little caffeine. SO? Aaaaaand I'm listening to Rihanna's Breakin' Dishes and can't sit still.
My family has been worried about me and I'm sure this entry won't reassure them but I promise I'm fine. Just waiting for meds to adjust.

I'm reading Steven King's On Writing and I'm absolutely in love with it. Partial auto-biography/advice/ideas on writing.

Aaaand I just bought the Twilight soundtrack with Scott's iTunes password.
Yeeeeeeeeeep! Sorry love. It's for a good cause I promise.

And I also have a surprise for all 5 of my readers. A surprise that won't be unveiled until Spring.
No I'm not pregnant and no it's nothing way exciting.
My family knows how I get with secrets and gifts-I can't hold on to them long enough and want the whole world to know about them but THIS ONE is mine and mine alone and will have to wait until spring. So you will have to wait too.
Kind of like a new years resolution lame type of deal. Only it's November. I think I'm mostly thriving because October is over. October=Bats=Omens=Depressing=no fun.

Anywhooooooo. I'm going to finish my new playlist and run around the block a few times and read the whorish vampire novel that is Dark Symphony (I HATEEEEEEE the name Byron and the fact that the main girl is BLIND. Nothing against blind people-they just make for awkward love scenes, feeling his face for expressions and all) by Christine Feehan. A fellow Mormon.


Here I go!




Glug glug glug.

So I'm supposed to be getting ready to go over to my parents casa to get a bunch of my old shit/take most of my old shit to the D.I. But I'm sitting here staring at my newly painted nails (it's like a plummy colour. It looks BEAUTIFUL on Scott's toes!).

Can I just tell you how freaking glad I am that October's over? FINALLY? Holy shit man.
There's a lot that I've been meaning to blog about but any energy that I've had I've used to sleep. Life takes a lot out of me. And it could be me taking a lot out of myself, and maybe I should slow my mind down but sometimes I'm so afraid of interfering and messing everything up. Domino effect.

Anyway. I gotta go, I haven't even showered yet and I'm supposed to be there by 3.




if you're looking for a movie that will absolutely blow your mind,
rent Frankenstein w/Robert De Niro.